Custom Revell Routemaster advert decals

I’m pleased to be able to show my first exterior advertising decals for Revell’s brilliant Routemaster RML. Printed using a high quality laser printer directly onto white decal material, these decals need no varnish coat and can be used right away, just the same as the kit supplied decals. They accept the decal solutions available without trouble.

Having studied plenty of reference, these few are the beginning of  some sets to change the kit supplied decals to some of your choosing. They are direct size replacements being 222mm x 22mm.



Where I can match them, I’ve used the period correct typefaces for that authentic feel.

If there’s a particular advert that you would like for your model, please comment or email me direct

Watch this space, there’s more to come.

Custom decals – how I make them

Mostly, your kit decals have been screen printed. This is a very good method for high quality precise decals. The downside is that for a one off, the costs can be prohibitive. I expect you’ve seen the decal paper available for printing your own at home on an inkjet or laser printer. That’s the same material that I’m using, printing on a high quality laser printer. The benefit of printing on a laser printer over using an inkjet is that the laser printed decals don’t need a varnish coat to seal the inks, the decals are waterproof and ready to use.

The best bit is of course the artwork. Having spent nearly 30 years in the graphics industry I can say I still enjoy creating artwork for print. Trying to match typefaces and colours is the biggest challenge after finding good reference. Most of the advertising for instance was purpose made just for a bus advert. OK, so certain elements of the ads could be found elsewhere in a companies advertising but seeking out examples of that is not easy.

As I re-create everything to closely match the originals you can be sure that what I produce is crisp and new looking rather than rough scans from a dog eared original. Being old fashioned at heart I’d love to say that I slave over a drawing board, brush in hand, India ink on standby but I don’t. My best friend in the studio is Adobe Illustrator, dedicated to the production of print ready vectored artwork, this is the best drawing tool that a modern artist has. From the artwork I then print via a high resolution PDF file, the same one that I will proof to you via email just to make sure that you’re happy.

That’s sort of it I suppose. It’s a bit more complex in places but I don’t want to bore you silly over it. If there’s anything you want know, please ask.

Custom made decals


If you’re a dedicated model maker or a restorer of diecasts, then you may often want to have the markings, logos or other designs just the way you want them. Maybe you’re making the new Revell Routemaster to resemble a bus you once drove or took to work or school and need just the right route number and destination blinds. Maybe your race or custom car model needs something extra, or you simply want number plates.
Plenty of people make their own, but if you’re too busy, don’t have the software or even the inclination to try, then email me at and let me know what you want. With custom transfers starting at £4.89 for your own Routemaster number and destination set, having exactly what you want is affordable too.

Keep an eye on my blog here as I write about the creation of custom transfers, expand on how I create some of the artwork or just let you know what’s new or coming next. for instance, my next post will be about exactly what I can produce for you using the techniques and equipment at my disposal. Until then…